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विज्ञापित निविदाओं हेतु आवश्यक जानकारी

सभी सम्बंधित को सूचित किया जाता है कि पर विज्ञापित निविदा सूचना में उल्लिखित सभी निविदाओं हेतु जरूरी टेण्डर फीस को जमा करने के लिए सभी निविदादाताओं को सलाह दी जाती है कि वे उक्त राशि मिल के HDFC Bank Ltd., Gohana में सक्रिय बचत खाते में जमा करके जमा करने के सबूत सम्बंधी कागजात अपने निविदा फॉर्म के साथ जमा करें ।

The Tender Fees required for all the tenders advertised on the mills website must be deposited in our Savings Bank Account No. 17321450000103 operational in HDFC Bank Ltd., B/O Gohana. All the tenderers are advised to submit the proof of Tender Fees Deposited in the said account along with their submitted quoted Tender.

The Bank Details of our account for deposit of Tender Fees

टेंडर फीस जमा करने हेतु हमारे बैंक की विवरणी निम्न है 

Name of the Account = Ch. Devilal Coop. Sugar Mills Ltd., Ahulana
Account Number = 17321450000103 
Bank Name & Address =       HDFC Bank Ltd., B/O Gohana, Samta Chowk
IFS Code                        =       HDFC0001732



Ch. Devilal Co-operative Sugar Mills Limited was established in 2001. The inception of the Ch. Devilal Co-operative Sugar Mills was the outcome of the demands put to the authorities for a long by the Cane Growers of this area. It was installed with the capacity of 2500 TCD (tonnes crushed per day). The Mills started and made operational with effect from 17/02/2012.


Ch. Devilal Co-operative Sugar Mills Limited is located in the cane-rich region of the Gohana in the District of Sonipat Haryana in India. The premises are located in the village Ahulana 5 kilometers from the city of Gohana. Gohana is one of the sub – divisional headquarters of the Sonipat District. The city of Gohana is situated on the apex of the equilateral triangle created by the Gohana with two of the famous cities of Sonipat and Panipat of Haryana. Although not very fertile, but the laborious farmers overcome this drawback by their sheer labour and high esteem.


Ch. Devilal Co-operative Sugar Mills Limited is the manufacturer of : 50 kg bags of L, M and S grades of sugar by the convenient Sulphitation process of Sugar manufacture.

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